The high degree of homogeneity inherent in the horizontal continuous casting process results in superior metallurgical properties in the finished products. Contemporary casting technology gives us the capability of producing long continuous unwelded coils of precise chemical composition. Computer controlled direct reading spectrometer aids in monitoring the chemistry of the melt. Surface imperfections of the cast strips such as oxides etc. are then removed with the off-line milling machines.


Our Achenbach & Mino mills can roll down the strips to thickness as thin as 0.03 mm. Our automatic gauge control system ensures minimal strip thickness variation. Strict control of various parameters imparts excellent shape, surface finish and mechanical properties to the strip.

Annealing & Pickling

Our annealing equipment (Ebner & Wesero) is capable to meet the explicit metallurgical requirement of the customers. Alloy, strip thickness, final product specifications and other factors are considered while applying the annealing schedules to semi-finished or finished rolled strip. Our 100 % Hydrogen furnaces are fitted with automatic controls for consistent batch-to-batch results. Our world class DAP line provides uniform characteristics.

Slitting & Packing

Our slitting equipments like Sundwig, Guida having loop slitter provides closer widths, bow-free, burr-free and camber-free product. The upcoiler has the versatility to engage arbors of different diameters to meet the coil density and the inner diameter requirements of the customer. The slit coils are then placed in sea-worthy packages.


We manufacture Cartridge case and Bullet Jacket Cups used in the manufacturing of Small Arm Ammunition in various calibers viz 5.56mm, 7.62mm, 9mm, 0.5'' and custom calibers also as per customer requirements

Bell Annealing Furnace

Bell Annealing Furnace inert atmosphere is H2+N2 combination and we have facility for 100% H2 atmosphere